Restoration Actions

Notable Restoration Projects 

First Completed HRE Act Project

South Coast Habitat Restoration and partners implemented the first Habitat Restoration and Enhancement HRE Act project in 2015, removing the last major barrier to steelhead migration in Upper Carpinteria Creek. Read more »

Water for Fish and People

Since 2012, The Nature Conservancy's Shasta Water Transaction Program has worked volunatrily with the agricultural community to secure water instream for salmon. Read more »

Restoring Mattole Estuary as Drought Strategy?

Mattole Salmon Group and partners reconnected off-channel slough to the Mattole estuary for coho salmon juveniles. Read more »

Not Your Usual Fish Passage Removal

Caltrout and partners removed the Bridge Creek railroad crossing, a 45 foot high earthen dam, on the Eel River in 2014. Read more »

Restoration From Headwaters to the Sea

Coho salmon, Chinook salmon and steelhead depend on all aspects of stream health during their lifecycle. From watershed headwaters to river's mouth, salmon and steelhead rely on stream well-being for survival and reproduction.

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Restoration efforts abound in all the Salmon Snapshot watersheds. Choose a Snapshot watershed below to learn about specific restoration partners, projects and priority restoration actions.

Accelerated Permitting for Restoration Projects

Onerous permit requirements for restoration projects stymie restoration efforts. Efficient permitting is now available from state and federal agencies. Read more »