Fish Population Data

These tables providing the supporting data to the 2016/2017 Status of California's Salmon and Steelhead.   

The Evolutionary Significant Unit/Distinct Population Segment (ESU/DPS) totals are summations of the data presented in the California Salmon Snapshots, based on the notes listed below. They do not represent official ESU or DPS estimates by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife or National Marine Fisheries Service. There are individual agency or consultant monitoring data that have not yet been incorporated into the California Salmon Snapshots, such as the Santa Ynez River steelhead monitoring by Cachuma Operation and Maintenance Board or FISHBIO's monitoring that may supplement the monitoring reported in GrandTab. 

* Hatchery numbers not yet published
0 = fish or redds not detected
> = data only available for a subwatershed
Totals assume two fish per redd.
For details on the data qualifications, see notes on the individual Snapshots pages or in the downloadable data file.
++Spring run estimates included with the fall run estimates
>> = monitoring temporally incomplete and values do not represent an officially reported number; data reported to give indication of presence.


For coastal California Snapshots, the 2016/17 Snapshot is defined as fall 2016 to spring 2017, as per when salmon and steelhead return from the ocean to spawn. Fall Chinook spawning season is fall 2016. Coho season is fall 2016 through early January 2017. Steelhead season can start in fall 2016 but is primarily winter and spring 2017. Spring Chinook return in spring 2017 and spawn in fall 2017.

For Central Valley Snapshots, the 2016 Snapshot is defined as November 2015 to December 2016, as per when salmon and steelhead return from the ocean to spawn. Late fall run Chinook return in to the Sacramento River and its tributaries in early November through February, with spawning occurring from January through mid-April. Winter run Chinook return as early as December with spawning from April through August. Spring run Chinook return in late January through August, with spawning occurring from mid-August through October. Fall run Chinook return from June through November and spawn from early October through late December. Steelhead migration can start in fall but is primarily during winter and spring, with spawning occurring December through April.





Fall Run Chinook

Winter Run Chinook

Spring Run Chinook