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About Us

The Salmon Snapshots is a project of The Nature Conservancy to provide accessible information on the status and health of California's anadromous salmon and steelhead populations. 

The Nature Conservancy works on developing restoration strategies and implementing demonstration projects using innovative techniques that we hope will be useful through California's salmon and steelhead habitat. Learn more.


Federal & State Recovery Plans

National Marine Fisheries Service  

California Department of Fish and Wildlife 

Other Restoration Plans


CalFish (A California Cooperative Anadromous Fish and Habitat Data Program)

California Fish Passage Assessment Database (PAD)

Pacific Coastal Salmon Recovery Fund Database

NOAA Fisheries Recovery Action Mapping Tool

Restoration Partners and Collaborations

California Department of Fish and Wildlife Anadromous Fisheries

US Fish and Wildlife Anadromous Fish Restoration Program

California Fish Passage Forum

NOAA Restoration Center

California State Coastal Conservancy

Central Valley Salmon Habitat Partnership

Salmon Restoration Federation 

Other Topics

Accelerated Permitting for Restoration Projects