Watershed Snapshots

Salmon in Your Backyard

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For the first time ever an analysis of the state of California salmon and restoration efforts has been completed by The Nature Conservancy, using data provided by The Department of Fish and Wildlife, water districts and local watershed organizations.

  • Each snapshot summarizes the status and trends of our salmon and steelhead populations and compares those to the federal recovery targets.
  • The Snapshots also contain maps displaying the current distribution of species and the potential portions of the landscape that, once restored, can provide essential habitat for native salmon and steelhead.
  • The California salmon restoration community is rich in partnerships. The Snapshots highlight the significant volume of habitat restoration work across the state and the diverse partners spearheading restoration efforts.

The Snapshots focus on coastal watersheds because we want to raise awareness about the remaining, predominantly wild salmon populations, or those that are not dominated by hatchery stock. 

The current set of 37 Snapshots focus on the California coastal watersheds that monitor spawning salmon following the California Coastal Monitoring Program or other long-term monitoring programs, such as the Klamath-Trinity Restoration Program.

Coming soon - We are expanding the Snapshots to California's interior Central Valley watersheds, including the Northern Sierra Nevadas and the Sacramento Valley.

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Sources: Current Distribution - Trout Unlimited, Historical Range - NOAA Fisheries