How to Get Involved

Participate in Local Watershed Activities

Nearly 100 organizations and non-profits around the state are involved in salmon habitat restoration. The support you show your local watershed groups is crucial to the success of salmon restoration. Volunteerism and donations keep these groups alive and sustain their vital work in planning, education and restoration to recover salmon. Follow the links from the partner list (or via groups' links included in each Salmon Snapshot watershed summary) or visit the California Department of Fish and Wildlife volunteer page to learn more about local watershed organizations and what you can do to help.

By providing donations and resources to The Nature Conservancy, your local watershed group or other salmon focused community groups you are making an investment in healthier watersheds, wild salmon and nature. Invest today and benefit every time you hike, fish, paddle, swim or just breathe in your local watershed.

Contact Your Legislators

Bend a politician’s ear. State and federal legislators play an important role in ensuring restoration and monitoring efforts are receiving the resources and support needed to bring back California's salmon. Tell your representatives how much salmon means to you, your community and the local economy. Write a letter! Officials listen, especially local leaders.

Get Out and Explore

Spend time outdoors in your watershed with your family, friends and neighbors.  Get to know the place, how salmon use it and what challenges species face locally.  Learn more about how to peak children's interest in the outdoors.

Partner Organizations

Conservation Organizations

Federal and State Agencies

Local and Water Agencies


Timber Companies